Grief Support Group – Monday Morning


This event runs from September 24, 2018 until December 23, 2019.

  • Upcoming Dates and Times:
  • Venue:

    St. Margaret's First Floor Presentation Room
    600 E. First Street, Spring Valley, IL, 61362

Event Details

Suicide is a shattering experience for survivors who have to pick up the pieces after they lose a loved one to suicide. A survivor is anyone, whose life has been impacted by a loss to suicide, including: family, friends, co-workers, classmates, therapists, physicians, etc.

Not only are loved ones grieving for the person they lost and the emotions that follow, but survivors also find that they have to navigate through the social stigmas, embarrassment, isolation, and even the loss of some social support.

Stepping Stones was created for adults to provide much needed support, guidance and understanding. It is a safe place to share your story, emotions, and thoughts. St. Margaret’s Hospital invites you to join our NEW grief group as we try and help with some of the unanswered questions, blame, and responsibility that survivors might be facing. Let Stepping Stones support you while you heal one step at a time.

Meeting Times:

The 2nd Thursday of each month | 5p-6pm
4th Monday of each month | 9a-10am

Meeting Location:

St. Margaret’s Hospital First Floor Presentation Room

Meet the Co-facilitators

Kelly Davis is a local active member of the community and is the Director of Christian Education at First United Methodist Church in Princeton. Through her community outreach and personal experience surviving a loss to suicide, Kelly understands the great need for support in the area. She quickly volunteered to co-lead this group bringing her philosophy of: creating a space that will not dictate how you grieve, allowing you to process your feelings, and empowering you on your journey.

Tamara Beaber has a Master’s degree in Social Work and has been working with St. Margaret’s Hospice for 2+ years, as well as, 2 years of internship experience in a clinical setting. She currently runs multiple grief groups and holds one-on-one grief support meetings. She also works part-time for a private counseling practice in Princeton. She believes that grief is as individualized as a fingerprint and understands that grief does not look the same in everyone. Through her experiences, she has witnessed the benefits from the support and companionship that a group offers.

For any questions, please call (815) 664-1365.