Shared Ministry


We, as Sisters of Mary of the Presentation, carry on the apostolic mission given us by our founders. We are strengthened by each other in our community living and in our prayer as we move into the various forms of evangelization.

The people who work with us are our greatest resource – boards, medical staffs, administrative groups, employees, and volunteers. We share our ministry with them. We join hands with them to carry on this healing ministry, bringing Christ to people. To bring Christ through the ministry of healing means that we are interested in healing the whole person; that we believe in the worth of each individual; that we do not judge, but rather support; that we testify to the reality of a loving God; and that we heal through understanding and prayer, as well as health care.

There is nothing unusual about a health care facility that has a mission of healing. However, there is a difference in the definition of “healing” which is used. We believe that healing is anything that keeps the individual integral, anything that gives a person wholeness. When people are broken, they are broken in many ways. It has not only to do with their body, but with their self-image and spirit as well. With this definition, a smile, a “hello”, or a “thank you” can be a healing experience. To communicate this, it is not just the individual rendering direct patient care, but everyone in the facility who participates in the healing process. Further, this extended definition of “healing” leads us to believe that it is not just our patients/residents, but all of us who are in need of healing from each other. Our mission is to heal – to cure sometimes – but always to heal.

Healing in a Jesus Christ-like manner is not just a Catholic work. There are many people and institutions that carry on this work. The non-Catholic employee should be assured that there will be no attempt to change his/her beliefs. As with any business establishment, the institution has certain values and beliefs which the employee is asked to abide by in accepting the offer of employment. Different concepts of God and different concepts of truth are really no barrier to the fact that Jesus told us to love each other, and Vatican II has asked us to work together to form a new humanity.

We need to remember that the search for God frequently begins when people have first been accepted by another. We need to remember, also, that the health care giver, regardless of his/her belief, gives better care when he/she is cared for.

In summary, the ministries of SMP Health System are involved in a Christ-like healing ministry in the Catholic tradition. We are all involved in the process of healing others as well as of being healed ourselves. Our desire is to work with all people of goodwill within and without the health care ministry in trying to establish a new humanity. Our mission engages all of us in ministry to all the people who come into our lives day after day.

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