St. Margaret’s Streator Clinic

Our family caring for yours

One of the valley’s best-known family doctors is part of the St. Margaret’s family! Internal medicine specialist, Indra Pal, MD, takes care of patients close to home at our St. Margaret’s Streator Clinic. He is always in the neighborhood, because he’s been part of the community for years.

Dr. Pal has been practicing medicine in Streator since 1994. He moved to Streator after completing an internal medicine residency at Columbus Hospital in Chicago.

Trust Dr. Pal for all of your acute and preventive care, from aches and pains to colds and flu. St. Margaret’s Streator Clinic also offers laboratory services at Dr. Pal’s office between 8 and 10 a.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, collecting blood and urine samples from patients who need lab work done. A physician’s order is required. The specimens are processed at St. Margaret’s, and the results are sent to your doctor.

For care that’s close to your home and your heart—call for an appointment today!