Surgical Services

St. Margaret's offers same day surgery and special procedures units. Laparascopic and minimally invasive procedures using the latest technology are available.

Same Day Surgery

Numerous outpatient surgeries, such as biopsies, arthroscopies and some hernia repairs and laparoscopic cholecystectomies (gallbladder surgeries), are performed in Same Day Surgery, where the patient is allowed to go home the same day after a short recovery period. For further information, call (815) 664-1400.

Special Procedures Unit

Privacy and patient comfort are important at St. Margaret’s. In the Special Procedures Unit, patients are allowed to leave almost immediately after the procedure has been completed. Colonoscopies, endoscopies, epidural injections and minor surgeries are some of the services performed in this department. For further information, call (815)664-1407.


The surgery suite at St. Margaret’s consists of three major surgery rooms and two cystoscopy rooms. St. Margaret’s is home to the latest technology, including the C-Arm, Fiber-Optic Scope and Computerized Anesthesia Units.

Surgical Services Contact Numbers

  • Same Day Surgery
    (815) 664-1400
  • Special Procedures Unit
    (815) 664-1407
  • Surgery
    (815) 664-1555

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