Medical Records Request

Medical Records and birth certificate requests

Birth and medical records request information.

Medical Records Request

Our Records  Department will be happy to provide you or your healthcare provider with copies of your medical records. Your records contain information regarding your personal health and the care you received at St. Margaret’s Hospital or one of our affiliated locations.

The processing fee for requests other than continuity of care will be $6.50. Our outsourcing company, will handle all other fee scheduling for records copies done by their company.

Please complete and sign the Authorization To Disclose Health Information form. The form may be returned to us by mail or fax. Please follow the instructions as indicated on the form and allow 7-10 business days for receipt of your records. You may pick up your records or request that they be sent in the mail.

Birth Certificate Request

For a copy of your original birth certificate, please contact the Bureau County Clerks Office.

Other Services

Please call Medical Records at (815) 664-1583 for continuity of care requests. For clinic record requests call (815) 6647316.  Medical record fax number is (815) 664-1169.