Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging Department offers a full range of services to the Illinois Valley and surrounding communities.

Bone Density Imaging

Also called a DEXA scan, this test is performed to diagnose patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia. It is a safe and painless x-ray that compares a patient’s bone density to that of which is considered normal for people of the same age, sex and race. Instant vertebral assessment (IVA) provides high-res images to show existing vertebral deformities. 

Cardiac Imaging Services Include:

Echocardiograms: High-frequency sound waves create images of a patient's heart. Resting echoes and stress echoes are performed to evaluate the function of a patient's heart.

Calcium Heart Score (or Calcium Heart Scan): St. Margaret’s Health offers Calcium Heart Scans – a painless, noninvasive method for detection of heart disease. Learn more.

Thallium Stress Testing

Computed Tomography (CT)

A computed tomography (CT) scan, also sometimes called a CAT scan, is a diagnostic imaging test that uses x-rays and computer technology together to produce cross-sectional images of the body. This test is offered at of our Diagnostic Imaging Departments in Spring Valley using our Toshiba Aquilion™ PRIME CT, which is much quicker and safer than standard CT scanners. Learn more about computed tomography and our CT machines here.

Digital X-Rays

This technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of many internal structures of the body. Due to their reliance on sound waves instead of radiation, ultrasounds/sonograms are completely safe and painless, making them ideal for diagnostic applications, vascular studies and abdominal and pelvic biopsies.

Our obstetrics providers use transvaginal sonography consisting of high-resolution, real-time equipment that can detect a pregnancy as early as 4-5 weeks. This technology is used to monitor fetal development during pregnancy, and many interventional procedures are done under ultrasound/sonogram guidance.

St. Margaret’s Health offers 2D, 3D and 4D sonography options.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a technique that uses electromagnets, is available at our Spring Valley hospital location. The hours of operation vary. We offer Saturday morning appointments. Please note, due to staffing, these days and hours are subject to change. Visit our MRI page for more information on our MRI tests, hours of operation and how to schedule an appointment. 


Mammography, also known as a mammogram test, is the best way to screen for early-stage breast cancer. Mammography uses X-rays to scan a patient’s breasts. The images produced are then examined for any irregularities or changes from previous tests. St. Margaret’s Health uses 3-D tomosynthesis mammography (or 3-D mammograms).

Nuclear Medicine:

Nuclear medicine is a specialized area of radiology. It uses very small amounts of radioactive materials/radioactive tracers (or radiopharmaceuticals) to assess bodily functions and structure to diagnose and treat disease. This type of imaging produces uniquely detailed information and is most often used to help diagnose and treat abnormalities in earlier phases of a disease. Learn more.

Position Emission Tomography (PET)/CT:

Position emmission tomography (PET), and CT scans help physicians find the exact location and stage of cancerous tissue in the body and can prevent unnecessary biopsies and surgeries, as well as inappropriate treatments. It is important to note, these scans are not done on-site at St. Margaret’s Health. PET/CT scans are performed locally at our joint venture, Valley Regional Cancer Center in Peru. 


X-ray imaging, or radiography, is still the most commonly used form of radiology. During an x-ray, part of the patient’s body is exposed to a small amount of X-rays. The X-rays go through the tissues of a patient’s body and hit a film or detector to develop an image. These tests are routinely and safely performed by radiologists who are specially trained to do so. All X-ray tests at St. Margaret’s are completed with a digital radiology system. Digital radiography, or digital X-ray, is a type of X-ray imaging that utilizes X-ray sensors as opposed to photographic film. The benefits of digital X-rays include, greater efficiency, the ability to digitally enhance and transfer images and use of lower amounts of radiation. X-Ray imaging is most often used to diagnose fractures. It is also frequently used to examine the chest, abdomen and superficial soft tissues. 

Other Diagnostic Services

Cardiopulmonary Services

Electrocardiograms (EKG’s), EEG’s, pulmonary function testing, arterial dopplers and cardiac stress testing are only a few of the services provided by the Cardiopulmonary Department. Trained technicians perform diagnostic tests relating to the heart, lungs, and circulatory system for both inpatients and outpatients. They also provide respiratory treatments, oxygen therapy and ventilator care. As part of St. Margaret’s Occupational Health Services Program (OHSP), Cardiopulmonary Services offers Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) and a Smoking Cessation Program for area employers and the community. For more information, call (815) 664-1467.

Gastrointestinal (GI) Services

If you are having problems with digestion or experiencing symptoms that may indicate a disease or disorder of the GI tract, your physician may recommend a special procedure, such as a colonoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) and more, to help diagnose and/or treat the problem. You may need to see one of our gastroenterologists. Learn more about gastrointestinal health and services. 


St. Margaret’s Health – Spring Valley has a full-service clinical and pathology laboratory and is dedicated to providing the best in lab testing. Learn more about the laboratory services offered or read our FAQs.

Sleep Center

The Sleep Center at St. Margaret’s Health offers a full range of services designed to evaluate, diagnose, treat and help you manage your sleep disorder. In order to diagnose a sleep disorder, patients usually spend the night in the hospital’s Sleep Center, where experienced technicians monitor and record brain waves, muscle activity, breathing effort and heart rhythms while the patient sleeps. Results of the studies are interpreted by physicians who are board certified in Sleep Medicine. For more information, call (815) 664-1122.

If you have a sleep study scheduled, download these forms:

For more information on any of our diagnostic services, please call the Diagnostic Imaging Department at either one of our hospital locations:

Spring Valley Diagnostic Imaging Department:

(815) 664-1365

Peru Diagnostic Imaging Department:

Effective Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 7am, St. Margaret’s Health – Peru temporarily suspended all inpatient hospital services, including the Emergency Room & Obstetrics.

(815) 780-3280

St. Margaret’s Diagnostic Services include Audiology, Cardiopulmonary Services, Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Laboratory, Sleep Center, PET Scan and MRI allows your physician access to diagnostic imaging results from his/her office or home.

Diagnostic Services Contact Numbers

  • Audiology
    (815) 224-3040
  • Cardiopulmonary Services
    (815) 664-1467
  • Diagnostic Imaging
    Spring Valley (815) 664-1468 | Peru (815) 780-3280
  • Laboratory
    Spring Valley (815) 664-1471 | Peru (815) 780-3511
  • Sleep Center
    (815) 664-1122

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