Pastoral Care

Chaplains are available in the hospital from 7am to 4pm, and are on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergencies.

Mass is offered in the hospital Chapel and is also broadcast throughout St. Margaret’s on Channel 3. Prayers are offered daily over the intercom at approximately 8am and 8pm. Chaplains visit each patient periodically throughout the patient’s stay, or as needed. For more information on St. Margaret’s Health – Spring Valley Pastoral Care, call (815) 664-1155. For more information regarding St. Margaret’s Health – Peru Pastoral Care, call (815) 780-3426.


This service is unique to St. Margaret’s Hospital and is available to the entire public. Area clergy record devotional prayers so those needing a spiritual lift can call 24-hours a day and listen to their words. To be connected to Dial-A-Prayer, phone (815) 664-1611.

Pastoral Care Contact Numbers

  • Dial-A-Prayer
    (815) 664-1611
  • Pastoral Care & Spiritual Support at St. Margaret’s Health – Spring Valley
    (815) 664-1155
  • Pastoral Care & Spiritual Support at St. Margaret’s Health – Peru
    (815) 780-3426

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