Support Groups

St.Margaret's support groups

We all need  someone to talk to sometimes. St. Margaret’s support groups offer that listening ear. Share your story, meet with people in similar situations, or  learn how to  cope.

All support groups are held in St. Margaret’s First Floor Presentation Room, unless otherwise noted.

Teens Need Teens Peer Support Grief Group

It is a free program coordinated by a trained, licensed clinical social worker to help the teen put their feelings into words, work through their grief, build a stronger sense of self esteem, and begin to accept what has taken place in the family. If your child is struggling through a painful loss  experience, this will be an opportunity for them to share within a confidential, small group of peers what they are experiencing together.

For more information, please call Tamara at (815) 664-1402.

Children’s Grief Group

The Children’s Grief Group is a children’s support group through life’s difficult changes of death, divorce and loss. Meetings will be held on the second Thursday of each month (September 2016 through May 2017) from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Hospital’s First Floor Presentation Room.

For more information, please call Tamara at (815) 664-1402.

Rebound Meeting

The Breast Cancer Support Group, “Rebound,” of St. Margaret’s Hospital, is open to all persons affected by breast cancer.

Interested parties may call (815) 339-6480 for details.

Look Good…Feel Better®

Program Helps Women Overcome Effects of Cancer Treatment.

The Look Good…Feel Better® program will be offered to residents of the Illinois Valley at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Spring Valley on Thurs., Apr. 20 and Wed., Oct. 11th from 1-3pm. This free program is a joint effort between the American Cancer Society, the National Cosmetology Association, and the Personal Care Products Council Foundation that teaches beauty techniques to women who are actively undergoing cancer treatment to help them combat the appearance-related side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The session is free, but registration is requested to ensure the proper make-up kit and materials are available for each participant.

To register for either program or for additional information, please contact Lynette at (815) 664-1440.

“Look Good…Feel Better® is as much about improving and maintaining self-image and confidence as it is about appearance,” says Nicole Killion, Patient Services Representative with the American Cancer Society. “Patients enjoy the opportunity to spend time in a relaxed, non-medical setting with others in the same situation. And the free make-up and instruction from professionals helps them look and feel better.”

According to the American Cancer Society, there are dozens of anti-cancer drugs in use today, each with its own set of possible side effects. Possible appearance-related effects of chemotherapy and radiation include: hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows or lashes; weight gain or loss; changes in skin pigmentation and texture; skin oiliness, itchiness or peeling; and alterations in nail texture and growth rate.

The American Cancer Society is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by saving lives, diminishing suffering and preventing cancer through research, education, advocacy and service. The Illinois Division has more than 120,000 volunteers and staff fighting cancer in the state.

For the most up-to-date cancer related information and to join the fight against cancer, call (800) ACS-2345 or visit

Grief Support Group

Suicide is a shattering experience for survivors who have to pick up the pieces after they lose a loved one to suicide. A survivor is anyone, whose life has been impacted by a loss to suicide, including: family, friends, co-workers, classmates, therapists, physicians, etc.

Not only are loved ones grieving for the person they lost and the emotions that follow, but survivors also find that they have to navigate through the social stigmas, embarrassment, isolation, and even the loss of some social support.

Stepping Stones was created for adults to provide much needed support, guidance and understanding. It is a safe place to share your story, emotions, and thoughts. St. Margaret’s Hospital invites you to join our NEW grief group as we try and help with some of the unanswered questions, blame, and responsibility that survivors might be facing. Let Stepping Stones support you while you heal one step at a time.

Meeting Times:

The 2nd Thursday of each month | 5p-6pm
4th Monday of each month | 9a-10am

Meeting Location:

St. Margaret’s Hospital. First Floor Presentation Room.
Group will begin meeting in October 2018.

Meet the Co-facilitators

Kelly Davis is a local active member of the community and is the Director of Christian Education at First United Methodist Church in Princeton. Through her community outreach and personal experience surviving a loss to suicide, Kelly understands the great need for support in the area. She quickly volunteered to co-lead this group bringing her philosophy of: creating a space that will not dictate how you grieve, allowing you to process your feelings, and empowering you on your journey.

Tamara Beaber has a Master’s degree in Social Work and has been working with St. Margaret’s Hospice for 2+ years, as well as, 2 years of internship experience in a clinical setting. She currently runs multiple grief groups and holds one-on-one grief support meetings. She also works part-time for a private counseling practice in Princeton. She believes that grief is as individualized as a fingerprint and understands that grief does not look the same in everyone. Through her experiences, she has witnessed the benefits from the support and companionship that a group offers.

For any questions, please call (815) 664-1365.

Turning Point (HIV-AIDS Support Group)

Third Wednesday of every month | 6 p.m.
(location not disclosed for confidentiality purposes)

Call (815) 664-1440 for information.

Cardiac Chat

Second Tuesday of every month | 3 – 4 p.m.

First Floor Presentation Room.

For those wanting information regarding congestive heart failure, or any other heart-related issues. The goal of Cardiac Chat is for individuals to learn the skills that help manage their condition and improve their quality of life. Family members are encouraged to also attend and bring questions.

Attend for the whole hour or just stop in during the scheduled time. Staff members from various departments in the hospital will be on hand monthly to answer various questions:

  • Nurse – blood pressure, pulse and weight
  • Durable Medical Equipment – questions about medical equipment, oxygen
  • Social services – see what resources are available in the community – home health, etc.
  • Pharmacist – discuss and answer any questions about medications
  • Cardiac Rehab – discuss physical activity and smoking cessation
  • Dietitians – dietary changes and weight management
  • Managed Care – answer any questions about insurance/Medicare plans

Dr. David Thompson from Heartcare Midwest will be at our October 8th meeting to answer your heart-related questions.

For more information regarding “Cardiac Chat,” please call (815) 664-1118.

Parkinson’s Support Group

First Monday of every month | 1-3:30 p.m. 2017
(no meeting in January, July, September, and December).

SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) – Medicare Insurance Assistance

First and third Mondays of every month | 1-3 p.m.

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