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Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital

Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital

St. Margaret’s Hospital is an Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) recognizes St. Margaret’s Hospital as an Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital within the state of Illinois.  We are capable of providing quality stroke care and assisting in the delivery of care within the State of Illinois. This certification ensures that stroke patients of the Illinois Valley receive the right care, in the safest environment, when it matters most. As an Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital (ESRH), we diagnose, treat, and transport acute stroke patients to a higher level of care if needed. ESRHs must continually authenticate with IDPH their continue compliance with the required ESRH criteria to ensure the hospital satisfies these requirements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“The ultimate goal of our stroke program at St. Margaret’s,” explains Jolene Woitynek, “is to provide rapid assessment and treatment of patients experiencing stroke-like symptoms, in order to give them the best possible outcome. We are honored by this designation from IDPH, and pleased to join this network of quality care hospitals.”

Knowing the signs and acting quickly can save a life. Hear it from a local stroke survivor, Joanne Sabotta, who was going about her work day as usual when her health scare began. Sabotta blanked out while typing an email and quickly became confused by the sight of her own arm moving across the keyboard. She didn’t recognize it was her own. Soon after she realized it was hers, it then began to feel paralyzed. At this point, Sabotta recognized she was experiencing some of the warning signs of a stroke and called her husband, John, to take her to the St. Margaret’s Hospital Emergency Room. The moment she arrived, Sabotta knew she was in good hands, stating, “they took me very seriously, the emergency room nurse [Jan Racine, RN] was right on it and got the doctor [Dr. Williams Sullivan], in there immediately and they both acted so fast.”

The St. Margaret’s Emergency staff’s quick acting and Stroke Ready protocol made a huge difference in her recovery. She was administered a clot busting drug while the transportation to Peoria was facilitated by the ER staff. After just a one-night stay in Peoria, she was discharged. “The doctors were very impressed with how well I was doing. I knew how lucky I was, believe me. The paralysis was almost gone by the time I left,” recalls Sabotta, who was also cleared to return to work. Her success story tells us just how important it is to know the signs early and act FAST.




To recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke, the American Stroke Association teaches us to remember:


  • FACE – Face drooping on one side
  • ARM – One leg or arm is weak or numb
  • SPEECH  –  Slurred speech
  • TIME – Dial 9-1-1 and get to the all new St. Margaret’s Hospital Emergency Room immediately